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The Heart Fragment: Complete Edition Kickstarter is live!!!

Help bring the future Heart Fragment releases - including Book Two: Belief Fragments, Book Three: Despair Fragments, and Book 20XX: Finale - to life, potentially with even more content than is already planned if we can hit our stretch goals! Here's a quick Q&A to help answer any questions you might have.

Q: Why Kickstarter?

A: This will help not only bring the future chapters to life more quickly, but also gives the exciting chance to offer physical merch, more content, and stretch goals. 

Q: If I already bought the game, will I still have access to future releases even if I don't back the Kickstarter?

A: Yes, absolutely! Future books will still be available to anyone who owns Book One for free.

Q: What are the stretch goals?

A: There are four levels of stretch goals, with these being the goals to unlock:

  • More (optional) scenes that retell a selection of major events from a different POV 
  • Epilogues for all good endings (romantic & platonic) and some major bad endings 
  • Fully voiced epilogues
  • Flashback scene CGs
  • A male protagonist option
  • MC customization
  • Nintendo Switch port

Q: If I want the physical merchandise but don't want to back the Kickstarter for another copy of the game, what do I do?

A: There is a merchandise add-on tier for the Kickstarter. You can use it to purchase the merchandise without needing to back a higher-cost tier.

Q: The new art looks nice but I prefer the old art. I can keep it, right?

A: Yep, the art style switch is available in the settings menu and can be adjusted any time you want. 

Includes these super cute 2.5 inch double-sided acrylic charms as tier rewards~

Additionally, here are a few updates that went live recently:

  • The StarxSocial app now shows up as a full social media feed that you can use to 'like' posts and see glimpses into what's going on with the characters!
  • You can now right-click on the skip button to use the "skip to next choice" or "skip to next unread line" feature. No more waiting!
  • Quick time events can be turned off from the options menu to skip them
  • The narration has been condensed in some places where it was far too bulky, cutting out some unnecessary fluff that made the story too slow


Heart Fragment: BOOK ONE for PC & Linux 974 MB
Version 16 Oct 30, 2021
Heart Fragment: BOOK ONE for Mac 938 MB
Version 16 Oct 30, 2021

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