September Updates!

Another month gone by and another wonderful month of development! 2020 has been a crazy year. It feels like the Kickstarter ended a month ago and yet time is flying.

In the last month, the focus has been on writing and tweaking narration style. The majority of narration in Heart Fragment has been told with second-person ("you did this") narrative, but after someone gave feedback noting that this style made it hard for them to connect with the protagonist, an update was done to the common route / demo so that it contains a mix of second-person narration like before and first-person narration direction by including her inner thoughts about the situations going on.

Feedback I've received about this change has been very positive so far. Even I, as the writer, find that I connect better with the protagonist after this update. I hope that you will all find it a beneficial change as well!

Regarding the release of the full game: it is unfortunate but Heart Fragment will not be finished by the end of 2020. It would be possible... if the game was much shorter and had fewer scenes that involve animations and sprite movement. I would have liked to get it done by December but the only way I can see that happening is if I release a half-finished product that pales in comparison to my actual vision of the game. 

Heart Fragment currently has about 18 hours of content. And that's not even at the halfway mark. The full game will end up having 40+ hours of content. The scenes are very lively. Lots of sprites bouncing and moving around, some scenes include animations, and nightmare sequences especially have a lot of movement going on.

Art Progress

Enough about the writing for now, though! Let's talk about the art progress!

  • Kay: 100% sprites, 100% mintstea CGs, 25% strawberristorm CGs
  • Clive: 100% sprites, 80% mintstea CGs, 10% strawberristorm CGs
  • Jasper: 100% sprites, 10% mintstea CGs, 100% strawberristorm CGs
  • Shannon: 100% sprites, 10% mintstea CGs, 100% strawberristorm CGs
  • Natalia: 100% sprites, 10% mintstea CGs, 10%  strawberristorm CGs
  • Lana: 100% sprites, 10% mintstea CGs, 0%  strawberristorm CGs
  • Others: 0% sprites, 80% mintstea CGs, 50% strawberristorm CGs

See you in the next update, which will also include a new trailer! Stay safe & stay well!


Heart Fragment Demo for PC & Linux 563 MB
Version 13 Sep 02, 2020
Heart Fragment Demo for Mac 527 MB
Version 13 Sep 02, 2020

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I know this was months back but I am still so excited for whenever this gets done and I can buy it. :D